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B1.1 Planes and Turbine

Fixed wing: aircraft with turbine engines

Turbine engines: (often called jet engines) and also called combustion turbines, are rotary engines that extract energy from a flue of combustion gas. This has an upstream compressor coupled to a turbine downstream and a combustion chamber in the middle. Turbine aircraft can be propeller-driven or jet-powered.

Planes and Turbine course modules

 Module 01 – Mathematics
 Module 02 – Physics
 Module 03 – Electrical Fundamentals
 Module 04 – Electronic Fundamentals
 Module 05 – Techniques/ Electronic Instrument Systems
 Module 06 – Materials and Hardware
 Module 07A – Maintenance Practices
 Module 08 – Basic Aerodynamics
 Module 09A – Human Factors
 Module 10 – Aviation Legislation
 Module 11A – Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
 Module 15 – Gas Turbine Engine
 Module 17A – Propeller

Course timeline

The approved training course has a total of 2400 hours of class time. The distribution of training hours corresponds to 1225 hours of theoretical training and 1175 hours of practical training.

Inclusions and exclusions

These are the items included and not included, upon registration.

First attempt of 13 exams
Practical Assessment
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Subjects Digital Manuals
Airport Card

Not Included:
Transfers to and from airports
Extra theory classes
Extra practical training (if required)
Visa process

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